Why Join the Incubator?

Large Mentoring Network

The venturepark Incubator brings to the table a 350 + strong group of angel investors with a unique blend of domain expertise across sectors, who will be able to provide you with high quality mentoring thus adding great value to your company. The hand-holding of investee companies by the Angels has resulted in many ventures source huge client bases, customer orders and investment from reputed VC funds. Other than the Angels, the Incubator has a large network of subject matter experts, technology incubators and institutes which shall be readily accessible to you as an Incubatee.

Strong Connect with the Industry / Market

The Incubator provides easy access to some of the country’s most successful CEOs and experienced industrialists. As an incubatee you can access its network and leverage it to get client referrals, test beds for your technology, team members etc.

Strong Linkages to Investors

Once your company is stabilized and ready to take the next step, the Incubator would help you access various sources of funding including India’s largest group of Angel investors consisting of 350+ active investors providing funding upto $1 million.

Leveraging Technology

The business mentoring and other services are provided to you remotely by exploiting technology. This is done so that you do not have to relocate.

Dynamic Incubator team

The Incubator supports you in your entire journey right from converting your technology idea to a product/service, forming a company around it, building your team, marketing, raising capital and so on. The team members act as an anchor between various mentors, advisors and other agencies.

Advisory on Intellectual Property (IP) and Investment

The Incubator helps you in understanding, registering, selling, maintaining Intellectual Property. It also works with you on raising capital, writing and refining your business plan, providing connects and presenting to investors etc.

Rich Training and Development Programs

The Incubator will conduct a no. of workshops for its incubatees in related areas such as Scaling up of Ventures, Building financial basics, IPR, business planning, fund-raising etc.